About SoftWxPhoto of Idaho's Owhyee mountans

I spend a large part of my working time as a contractor/consultant, developing software for companies and government agencies in southern Idaho. As great as many of those projects are, they cover topics of other people's choosing. I created SoftWx for the software development I do on topics that interest me. One of those topics is weather related software, especially software for owners of personal weather stations. That was the source for the name SoftWx; "Wx" is the standard abbreviation for weather. Another area I'm interested in is bioinformatics, applied to personal genome data such as that obtained through 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA.

I've been programming for many years. Some of my first professional work was developing anti-submarine warfare and underwater acoustic software for NOSC, a research arm of the US Navy that's now part of SPAWAR. After that, I spent a number of years working on software for the transportation industry. I was part of the team that developed the original version of QIK-Res under contract to Qadrant, and was co-technical lead developing a manpower scheduling system for Qantas. I also developed the roster scheduling algorithms for a company whose product is used by the transportation and shipping industries.

Most of the contract work I'm currently doing is development of algorithms and applications related to person matching and record linkage. These are primarily C#.Net windows service and ASP.Net MVC web application projects.