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Shareware programs have a full featured 30 day trial.

The current version of VirtualVP is not compatible with recent changes Davis made to their VantagePro software. Please go to the SoftWx Purchase page for details, and for a temporary change in the registration policy.

Software Product Price Version Download Docs
VirtualVP (more info)
Connect 8 programs to single Vantage Pro console. See third party tools below for virtual serial port drivers.
$35 1.2.5 - 9/Sep/10 exe Install and Config Help (pdf)
Registration Help (pdf)
64 bit Windows Help (pdf)
Release Notes (txt)
1.2.3 (prior version) exe
1.1.5 (prior version) exe


Software Product Version Download Docs
StartWatch (more info)
Program startup coordinator and monitor
1.1.1 - 12/Jan/08 exe
free registraton.txt
User Guide (pdf)
Release Notes (txt)
1.1.0 (prior version) exe
VPLive (more info)
Live VP data & CWOP submissions
1.2.5 - 27/Mar/11 exe ReadMe (rtf)
1.1.10 (prior version) exe
VPPressureCalc (more info)
Calculate sensor pressure & altimeter
1.0.4 - 4/Jan/06 zip
Automatically puts WeatherLink into Bulletin mode.
1.0.0 - 3/May/06 zip txt

Open Source

Software Product Version Download Docs
uWxUtils (more info)
Delphi Object Pascal weather algorithms
18/Nov/07 zip
SoftWx.Diagnostics (more info)
C#.NET class library helps create robust programs. BSD License.
1.3.2684 - 8/May/07 zip Help File (chm)
Release Notes (txt)

Third Party Tools

These are freeware tools made by other people that are commomly used with VirtualVP. If you click on "more info" in the list above, the product pages may contain links to additional third party tools. Clicking on "more info" below will direct you to the author's website for the tool.

Software Product License Current Version Download
com0com driver (more info)
Very good virtual serial port driver (32 and 64 bit (unsigned) versions)
open source - GPL - 29/May/2009 zip
Eterlogic VSPE (more info)
Virtual serial port driver (32 and 64 bit (signed) versions)
32-bit freeware
signed 64-bit $24.95
0.938 - 26/Jun/2010 download site
N8VBvCom Driver (more info)
32 bit Virtual COM driver for use with VirtualVP
Includes configuration tool
open source - GPL 227 20/Aug/08 exe
Lantronix Redirector (more info)
TCP/IP to serial bridge for use with VirtualVP
freeware - 15/Nov/2006 exe