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Important Note: The current version of VirtualVP is not compatible with the latest version of Davis' VantagePro software because of changes made in the Davis software. It will require changes to the VirtualVP code to regain full compatibility. Because of this issue, and the problems and confusion it can cause, I'm temporarily suspending paid registration of VirtualVP. Until a new version of VirtualVP comes out that is again fully compatible with all versions of Davis' VantagePro software, I am instead providing a limited registration key on this page. It will allow people not affected by the incompatiblity issue to use the current version of VirtualVP for an extended period of time without having to purchase a registration. However, this registration key will not work with any future versions of VirtualVP.

If you purchased a registration within the past 60 days, and are unhappy with this temporary change in the registration policy, send an email to sales@softwx.com, and I will refund your registration.

When a new version of VirtualVP becomes available, paid registration will resume.

VirtualVP Serial #
VirtualVP Key (will not be valid for future versions of VirtualVP)

To enter the registration data, follow these steps to make sure the registration takes effect:
1) close VirtualVP if it's running,
2) right click on the VirtualVP icon or exe file,
3) select “Run as administrator...” from the menu,
4) after VirtualVP starts, go to the VirtualVP Help menu and select Register... and Cut and paste the values above into the registration form,
5) close VirtualVP.
From this point on, you can run VirtualVP normally.

Product Price PayPal
VirtualVP US $35 not taking paid registrations at this time
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